Donna Brazile Admits 2016 Primary Was Rigged Against Bernie Sanders

Good evening everyone. It’s very difficult being an independent political blogger. Many critical voices on the side of progress, including myself have publicly expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the Democratic primary results of 2016.

There were questionable disappearances of 100s of thousands of names from voter rolls in New York City, and that is now a matter of public record.

The reason for this post is to mention the news today about Donna Brazile coming forward to admit the Democratic primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. This rigging goes back to 2015 according to recent reports.

This revelation is not shocking at all… Many independent media sources have been pointing this out since at the very least the Spring of 2016. It’s unfortunate that for some, it took an establishment Democrat coming forth for people to at least think of this scenario as a distinct possibility. I’m sort of surprised that Donna Brazile did this, considering how much backlash this is sure to receive from the Clinton machine. But, there feels like something else is behind this. People reading this should keep in mind that Donna Brazile also fed the Clinton campaign questions before a debate. This has all the elements of people who colluded in doing wrong “flipping” on one another to spare themselves somehow.

The two people that we really need to hear from are Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. This should be interesting.

Maybe next time, people will believe the independent/alternative media?

PS.. I almost named this post “I Told You So” but it would be too petty. I just wanted to include the words “I Told You so” in this post. *Smile*

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