Interview with Nadia Fezzani- Author of Real Life Superheroes

Real Life Super Heroes by Nadia Fezzani

Halloween is next week, and some people are ready to costume up. Children and adults will be dressed as their favorite science fiction character, superhero, or super-villain. Aside from destroying major parts of a city, wouldn’t it be kinda cool if there were some real life superheroes? On this post, we get the perspective of Nadia Fezzani on this theme. Real Life Superheroes, is an authentic ride-along with super heroes, the super villains who keep them in check, and those who fall somewhere in between. Carefully peeling back the layers of their double lives, Fezzani details the scrutiny and planning these people employ as they set out to make their neighborhoods and towns a better place.

Polite On Society: Do Real Life Super Heroes actually fight crime or just do charity?

Nadia Fezzani: Many Real Life Super Heroes stop and prevent crime by patrolling dangerous neighborhoods or areas. Some get directly involved in altercations but many Real Life Super Heroes see themselves as a form of eyes and ears for the community to help people stay safe. A large number of Real Life Super Heroes do handouts for the homeless and clothing drives for the needy as well.

POS: How do Real Life Super Heroes get their costumes?

NF:    Most Real Life Super Heroes make their own costumes. One of them ordered it and it was quite expensive. Many will start with the basic and improve their costume as time goes. Some collaborate with others for help, as some have their own specialty, like making professional looking plastic masks.

POS: What kind of safety gear do they have when they are on patrol?

NF:   All the Real Life Super Heroes I contacted wear a bullet-proof vest. Some do not wear any other protective clothing and rely on their de-escalation and negotiation skills to get out of conflict. Other heroes wear helmets and protective chest plates.

POS: Based on your previous work studying and interviewing Serial Killers in the past, what did you see was similar in the lives of Real Life Super Heroes?

NF:   Although there are different types of Serial Killers, I will talk here about the one that is looking for power and control. Both Serial Killers and Real Life Super Heroes have gone through traumatic or difficult childhoods. Rarely, but some Real Life Super Heroes were simply affected by some events. What they do makes them feel powerful and in control. They overcompensate for something that marked them in their past. Serial Killers feel powerful when controlling someone’s life, while Real Life Super Heroes feel powerful when saving the lives of others.

SHORT BIO: Nadia Fezzani has been an investigative journalist for over fifteen years and has interviewed athletes, musicians, secret agents, bounty hunters, and serial killers during her research. She is a sought after speaker on psychology and criminology.


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