Here Comes the Russian Election Story Again

In the latest issuing of the “Russia influenced the 2016 election” narrative, we now have Morgan Freeman lending his talents to the cause of the investigation. 

The video, which hit today, has all the features of a propaganda video, and has more than its fare share of dangerous notions underpinning it. Media that does not embrace the belief, and challenges it are being set up to be seen not as dissenters expressing their rights, but as a potential cyber “fifth column” of Russian Election meddling. Still, there’s no evidence.. but that didn’t get in the way of past adventures. 

This kind of thing is extremely dangerous to progressives and radicals seeking to apply pressure for positive reforms. A time where people stoke fears of foreign intervention, where we see societal collapse happening all around us is deflection. 

How society is constructed is a choice. To say that a thing is impossible, is to in a way deny that. A country can have 800 military bases around the world, but no way to pay for health care. We can’t prepare for hurricanes, the resources aren’t there.. but there’s always money to blow stuff up. Sounds about right.
The point of this post is, to just note how much political convergence is underway. The Senate increases the military budget, President Trump threatens to destroy North Korea, and Now Morgan Freeman says we’re at war with Russia. War is bipartisan, and has a Hollywood star behind it lending an unsubstantiated claims legitimacy. 

Millions were threatened with annihilation in a building of an organization meant to prevent another world war. On the other hand, countless others lives are being threatened by puffing up a lie. Whether it’s saber rattling North Korea or antagonizing an established nuclear power in accusing Russia of influencing a national election, the end game is a hot conflict. One that, contrary to the notions of American exceptionalism, this country isn’t guaranteed to win. 

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