So, I Saw The Solar Eclipse 

It was cool. I’m kind of tight, because I didn’t get any super powers from it. I was under the distinct impression that is what is supposed to happen. Unless all those comic books and science fiction shows were fake news. Smh.  You mean to tell me I was outside, yelling for five minutes straight for nothing? I want my money back. Lol. 

Seriously though, it was a cool thing to witness, although eery. Sometimes life gets all cosmic with us to let us know how small we are in the scheme of things. I didn’t have the special glasses, but through the courtesy of several people gathered outside to see the solar eclipse, I had the chance to see it. Sharing is caring, and it was cool to watch some science in action. 

I’m sure tomorrow, we will go back to talking about Klansmen, Neo-nazis, and Trump. But for today, the cosmos gave us a nice show. 

How was your solar eclipse experience? 

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