White Supremacists Go On Rampage in Charlottesville, Virginia

If you have watched the news or been online at all today, I am sure you’ve heard about the protests of Neo-nazis, Klansmen, and other far rightists that descended on Charlottesville, Virginia. 

They’re violent, and are deadly serious about their intentions. In a battle with anti racist protesters, one member of the Industrial Workers of the World was killed when a car plunged into the counterdemonstrators. Reports have also come across about the injuries of two members of the Democratic Socialists of America as well. 

Today, signals a culmination of a few factors. A large part of it being the stoking of racist sentiments by President Donald Trump. As usual, when right wingers go on the offensive, the police are giving them free reign. Thus, it will embolden them to take more such actions in the future. 

It should be noted that a sizeable number of white nationalists participating in these riots today are in their 20s and 30s. So much for the notion that the racists will just die off. Wishful thinking is of no service here. 

August 12th will be remembered as a jarring day for many, and it signifies that a right wing resurgence is no laughing matter for anyone in this country who isn’t white. Torch lit rallies, hateful chants, and violence are the hallmarks of a budding proto-fascist movement. With the far right mobilizing and the far left/progressive forces marginalized and disorganized, these are really dangerous times. 


  1. horrible biased reporting.
    The big divide that has come to a head in our country is due to the blatant racist Obama and his 8 years of trying to pit a us agaist them mentality.

  2. The only divide that has emerged is the one where white rage has bubbled to the surface after years of imagined slights.

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