Author Profile: Meet Mari K. Bell

Mari K. Bell, Author of “The Quarters”

Greetings once again, everyone. I would like to introduce you to Mari K. Bell, the author of “The Quarters” In addition to being an author, she turned the story of her church experience into a play. We reached out to Mari to get her thoughts on what motivates her, and what is next. “The Quarters” is available on Amazon.

Polite On Society: What is The Quarters about?

Mari Bell: This engaging southern tale dates back to the 1930’s.  It captures the lives of two sisters, Louise and Honey and the mayhem that seems to follow Honey.  It’s woven with family, humor, mystery, and murder.  Readers will have a great time meeting the sisters, the lovely and zany town folks, and the charming, yet crazy Simee Scott.

POS: What motivates you as a writer? 

MB: Pulling all these thoughts and idea’s out of my head motivates me as a writer.  The Quarters started off as a way to honor my mother and grandmother.  It has now evolved way beyond my initial conception.

The Quarters by Mari K. Bell

POS: What made you want to turn your book into a play?

MB: A good friend suggested this to me. She knew that the characters were worthy of life on stage.  Once I heard the actors do the first reading, I was sold.

POS: If you could take one experience from the church which shaped your outlook, what would it be?

MB: There were so many experiences, which makes this not an easy question.   I had a cousin who had mental health issues that were very obvious.  Every Sunday, he’d want to pray, open devotion, and/or testify.  I remember being irritated with him and often thought, “here we go again”.  However, I also remember the patience and dignity extended to him by church members.  They all knew of his challenges and his routine, but they never stopped him.  He was always allowed him to participate in some manner.  That level of compassion, patience, and understanding still resonates with me today.

POS: What are your next plans for “The Quarters” and is your play based on it?

MB: My next plan for The Quarters is a sequel and a possible screenplay.  Yes, Welcome to The Quarters, the theatrical production, is based on my novel.  The next production is June 17th, 2017 in Macon, GA at the historic Douglass Theatre.  I’d like to bring it back to Atlanta and then to other locations.


  1. Loved reading The Quarters. What a hilarious group of characters some which reminded me of my friends and family. I promise you, you’ll recognize someone. It’s a great read!

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