DNC Tom Perez Pick A Slap in the Face to Progressive Democrats 

Saturday, the Democratic National Committee decided to go with Tom Perez as chairman. This is not surprising news, but it is instructive of how much the Democratic Party intends to double down on the approaches that cost them the 2016 election. Having apparently learned nothing from November, the DNC goes with Perez, against the choice of Keith Ellison- who was supported by Bernie Sanders. In an obvious attempt at damage control, Ellison was made deputy chair. However, the damage is already done. Ellison, who is of Islamic faith, has come under fire from people for supposedly aligning himself with anti-semitic individuals. Caving to such sentiments at this moment is especially tone deaf in light of the harassment of Muslims emboldened by the Trump Administration. If those who are supposed to be “leading” the resistance are just as Islamophobic as those they’re railing against, then who is to be trusted here? 

This Friday, videos circulated from Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile talking about their commitment to the Democratic Party,and the necessity to not “back down” and “persist in resistance” What these statements really amount to when you line it up are pre emptive DNC marching orders to bring progressives who remain Democrats in line. 

This weekend shows that the Democratic Party is not interested in course correction, nor even throwing a bone to Sanders Democrats. It’s a wonder that Demexit isn’t a bigger thing. 

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