Taco Trucks and Resume Bluffs;  Trump Outreach Stumbling

The longer this goes on, the harder it becomes to take this election cycle seriously. Here we are, with about two months left to go until the country votes for a new president, and the surrogates of politicians are trying to scare us with threats of more food and convince us with padded resumes. 

Marco Guiterrez, founder of “Latinos for Trump” said that if Trump loses, there would be “taco trucks on every corner.” As if that would be a bad thing. Predictably, the appeal to anti-Mexican bigotry backfired, with memes depicting an army of taco trucks. This doesn’t sound like a threat at all. It’s harkens back to “a chicken in every pot” as a call for people’s votes during the Great Depression. As long as there’s enough guacamole on hand with each truck, then what’s the problem? At least we won’t starve. Bring it on! 

What we do need less of is fibbers and fronters. Pastor Mark Burns ripped a page out of Pookie Howser, M.D’s playbook and embellished a great deal of his accomplishments. As if they would not be discovered eventually. These lies were brought to light in an embarrassing interview, where Burns got defensive and accused the media of attacking his character. Um. No. You did that all by your lonesome. 

Let this be a lesson for all surrogates going forward. Don’t threaten people with appeals to racism.. you’re going to get clowned. People actually like tacos. Trump? Not so much. And don’t lie about credentials in a day and age where you can get blown up pretty easily as a faker. Come on, bruh. 

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