Finding Purpose in The Turmoil

Good evening everyone. As we all know, we are at a time of political and social turmoil. Every time we turn around, we see corrupt politicians that want to bend the people to their will, and a string of murders committed by law enforcement that no one will ever be held accountable for. As you have no doubt heard, the other three officers in the Freddie Gray case will face no charges. This is a predictable outcome, but still horrible. This is why the movement must continue.

We are told that we must vote for the Democratic candidate, because to not do so would be to court disaster.. blah blah. Well.. the disaster is already here. We are all free to opine as we wish… but there are a great number of issues that we are unable to vote our way out of. There is no candidate we can vote for that will end police murder.

I just don’t know what to say beyond that at this point on this note. What I do know, is that the issue must be forced, and put out in front of people even when they don’t want to hear it. I know that at times, I can be a little extra, but its only because sometimes that’s how folks gotta get the message. Thanks and shout outs to everyone I met at today’s Black Wall Street in Harlem event. Until next post.



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