Don’t Be A Killjoy; Leave Pokemon GO Players Be

“Pokemon Go” takes Summer ’16

Good afternoon, and happy Friday to you! It’s the end of a week, and to keep it light, let’s talk about Pokémon Go. Yes, you read that right. The game that has been dominating the news for the last two weeks. The controversial mobile game has caused a few accidents, and even warranted a few memos from officials concernedabout public safety. Summer is typically slow for video games, but Pokemon GO is taking this season by storm. It’s actually getting children  (and adults) to go outside. 

 Full disclosure: yes I play Pokemon Go as well. I’ve downloaded it, and it’s a fun game. Yes, I played the original Red and Blue back then. I have yet to be caught up in an incident, or chased off someone’s property for trying to catch em all. 

What I have been seeing, is this belligerent backwash of gamer shaming that always seems to emerge when players are having harmless fun. Since “Empire” doesn’t come back until September, Pokemon GO is considered the new “distraction” – the reason why we’re sleep. Now that there’s a game that encourages gamers- who can at times be reclusive – to venture out into the outdoors, the Kirk Killjoys of the world have a problem with that even. Gaming is criticized as a sedentary activity, and outside of this game and Dance Dance Revolution and a few other examples it is. But, if no one gets hurt, what’s the problem? 

Why not let people have their fun in a society that is pretty messed up? We all need our outlets, and this is one for people. In short, I am saying.. don’t be a killjoy and let folks enjoy a game without your gaze of judgment. 

Take care all, and enjoy your weekend. 


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