Harlem Book Fair 2016 To Be Held Saturday, July 16th

Harlem Book Fair 2016Good evening my readers. In speaking with people, and seeing much of the online interactions, I know that a lot of us are still reeling from last week’s mayhem. There is a lot to be said about experiencing group trauma, and the after effects of it. I found myself pulling back from it, a bit to be honest. Which is why my coverage on here has not been as heavy. Tonight’s post is about acknowledging that sentiment, and not letting it paralyze you from doing things.

I decided to make this post about the Harlem Book Fair 2016, since a number of people have asked me about it. Yes, it is still going on, and I will be there. I won’t be vending as in past years, but I will be making my rounds as an attendee, and saying hello to a few fellow authors I know will be there.

I can imagine, that at this event in Harlem, there will be opportunities aplenty to discuss what we can do collectively to deal with this onslaught of police murder, and the push back against a movement affirming our right to exist, despite some of the flaws. While we figure out ways not to die for any reason at the hands of state sponsored murderers, it’s still important to see other people face to face. Will you be there this Saturday?



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