Bringing Conscious Back Shows Out At Shrine


Greetings my African-Americans… err my readers. I want to tell you a bit about the set at The Shrine in Harlem that I was a part of. As you have all seen before on this blog, Bringing Conscious Back is a collection of artists, poets and authors that have collaborated to raise awareness of issues in the community.

Started by Nicholle Lavann, the set  does events at The Shrine ever so often. Our last event this past Friday was wonderful. Hosted by Zakiyyah Modeste, this set featured dancer Shoniah Torres, Evan Charles, and veteran poet Abiodun Oyewole.


For two hours, we were treated to songs, poems, and thoughts on matters of the day. Reign Taylor performed a song with her drums, and I read three pieces from my book of poetry.

Zakiyyah performed with her band, and held down host duties in Nicholle’s absence.


This was a good event, and the end of my four month long book tour. Much thanks to the people there for coming out to see us. Since the summer is here, I don’t have anything else lined up. So I intend on taking a break from the heavy book promo. It takes a lot out of you, especially when you are your own street team. Thanks to everyone who came out to see or hear me, whether it was the Bronx, Harlem or Brooklyn. Y’all really helped make my spring. I’ll rest up, and hit hard in the fall. You can still cop the books on though. Lol.

Until next blog post. Peace!

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