Hillary Clinton Wins New York Primary

Well, it looks like the pandering did work. As many of you have heard, Hillary Clinton handily won the NY primary last night. Looking at the the exit polls, it is really discouraging. Very few people are enthused about this outcome. But, unfortunately, it was expected. However, last night I saw way too many stories of voter shenanigans floating around. Also known as “voter irregularities” these hurdles to voters were numerous yesterday. With reports of 125,000 voters “missing” from the rolls, its hard not to look at this skeptically.

Apparently pandering is the new way to connect. Mentions of hot sauce in your bag, struggle salsa (and mangled merengue) are ways to lock up votes. Even when your husband doubles down on calling Black youth “superpredators” Unbelievable. Are we ready to talk about switching to open primaries now?  It looks like neo-liberalism wins, again. Oh well, Clinton and Trump it is. Dominoes anyone?



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