National Black Writer’s Conference 2016

13th National Black Writer’s Conference 2016 Program Booklet


Good evening folks! I’d like to take a little time to tell you about my experience this weekend at the 13th bi-annual National Black Writer’s Conference at Medgar Evers College this past weekend. Edwidge Danticat and Michael Eric Dyson were among this year’s honorees.  As readers of this blog know, I have attended in the past, but this year was my first time going as a book vendor. Because of this slight difference, my experience was decidedly more interactive.

I was there all day Saturday, promoting both of my books. It was a great experience. Throughout the course of the day, I spoke with attendees, students, staff, and other vendors. While I was not able to sit in on any of the panel discussions, by no means was I starved for conversation. Impromptu conversations about such matters as charter schools, and issues around higher education sprung up. People apparently are paying attention, since a conversation also ensued about the term “superpredator,” even though I did not raise it. Twitter screenames provoke stuff. Ha.

Marc set up shop.
Marc set up shop.

Speaking of provoke, what I noticed is how many people just liked the title of the second book, and thought it was really witty. I talk about a number of things in it, so I felt it was the best way to sum it up. I am relieved that there are some folks that get what I am doing with it. Given how strongly I feel about, well a number of issues, I have become good at making my point without unnecessarily agitating or offending those who I was in conversation with. (If anyone feels otherwise, I am sure they will let me know on Twitter, lol) But for real, it was all love though.


Author Angela Williamson sells her books at NBWC 2016
Author Angela Williamson book table at NBWC 2016

In addition to myself, a group of writers and poets were there promoting. Authors like James C. Ellerbe, Angela Williamson, M.W. Bennett, and K.G. Taylor were there. Atim Annette Oton, who organized the vendors was also present.



Author M.W. Bennett's book table
Author M.W. Bennett’s book table








Jewelry and other creations by Atim Annette Oton
Jewelry and other creations by Atim Annette Oton









K.G. Taylor quote
K.G. Taylor quote



These are a few of the images from Saturday. I can say more, but you get the idea. I want to say thank you to everyone who came by the table and supported my work. The next time you can catch me, is at the Bronx Book Fair in May. Peace!








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