Sanders Wins Kansas and Nebraska Primary; Clinton Wins Louisiana

Good morning readers. Last night was Super Saturday, and things have gotten a little interesting. As you see in the above heading, Bernie Sanders took 2 states out of 3 in yesterday’s primaries. Hilary Clinton took Louisiana by nearly 50 points. Apparently, the “firewall” that the Clinton campaign counted on is holding, much like it did in South Carolina and Georgia. Some observers are noting that Clinton is carrying states that will likely go Republican in the general election.

In the Republican contests, it seems Donald Trump’s momentum has stalled. Ted Cruz took Maine and Kansas. Even though Trump won Louisiana and Kentucky, Cruz is gaining on him in the delegate count. Perhaps the denunciation of Trump by Mitt Romney and John McCain had an effect?  The overall result, it appears to be is this: Trump is not running away with the nomination just yet. Also, while Clinton still has the delegate lead in the Democratic primaries, it’s not over for Sanders just yet.


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