A Word About Recognition

In observing the conversations back and forth about The Oscars, I have seen many people talk about the desire for artists and actors to be recognized for their work. 

While I don’t understand why so many were surprised that Black representation at the Oscars is so sparse, I definitely get where the sentiments of disappointment come from.  All artists yearn to have their work recognized. That’s normal. We all want to know that what we have done is connecting with other people in a real way.

As a writer who has had a few works recognized  (all by African-American outlets and organizations) it gives me pause to think about the ways in which that recognition has motivated me. But, what it has not done, is made me seek out mainstream recognition. Because I understand that the nature of some of the things I address just isn’t set up for that kind of approval.  It’s one thing to want recognition for your work, but it’s totally another to allow the hope of recognition to determine what one puts out. For me, it’s about whose your  audience. In my opinion, you should concern yourself with who is checking for you, and not who isn’t even thinking about you. Just my two cents. 

What are your thoughts? (Don’t be coming at me on YouTube,  though)


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