Ella Rucker Presents “The Beauty of An Ugly Start”

Author and Blogger Ella Rucker
Author and Blogger Ella Rucker

Now that we are in 2016, many of us are broadening our endeavors. A new year is the ideal opportunity to start anew, whether it be with your health or a business plan. If you’re on the fence about starting a business, a new book by Ella L. Rucker could be just the push you need to get started.

Ella, blogger and author of The Poetry of Prose comes back with a second book on entrepreneurship, and starting where you are. The Beauty of An Ugly Start outlines 12 reasons why you should stop stalling, and get out there. I had the chance to reach out to Ella about her project, and I want to share with you all the insights.

Polite On Society: What motivated you to write “The Beauty of An Ugly Start”? 

ELR: The Beauty Of An Ugly Start was a phrase I kept hearing myself use when I was speaking with entrepreneurs and realized it was not only a good book title, but a bit of motivation for us all.

POS: As a blogger, how hard was it to make the transition to writing this book?

ELR: I think as a blogger the hardest part of going to “author” was the mindset of it all.  I could have written the book as a blog post on Black Enterprise or pitched it to Huffington Post.  However, I had to have a  little more faith and vision for this particular message.  That faith is the thing of which I’m most proud.

POS: When is your booksigning? Do you have any upcoming promotional plans for the book? 

ELR: I’m in talks with another author for a book signing in January or February, but my tip to authors would be to find sponsors for their books so they can go into gift bags at events.  I’ve been trying that as my promotional plan for the book.  Oddly enough I’ve had good buzz on the book, but I see that the people who may really need it may not have the means or the mindset to buy it. If I can get into events where they are being motivated to start something or do it afraid, etc., and GIFT the book to those people who may be a little hopeless, that seems to be the better way to get some ugly starts started.  I’ve had two sponsors and some PR people really interested in this new way of thinking and I hope to start training on new ways to sell books soon.

I’d like to thank Ella for taking the time to speak to us today. To learn more about the book, you can either watch the video below or visit The Beauty of An Ugly Start Facebook page.


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