One Picture To Blow Up The Concept of “Transracial”




  1. Your “argument” is not really an argument but an emotion, one that is well documented in terms of the police and Black America. But you neglect to address the real issue at hand: Did Rachel Dolezal “out Black” you? Did she “out Black” African American women? Are you embarrassed that she holds a membership to NAACP but you do not? How do you justify not being a member? When the news of Rachel is over and done, will anyone care? Most importantly, it’s what you DIDN’T say. What about all the Blacks that are passing for White on a daily basis? What about Jennifer Lopez straightening her hair and Kim Kardashian lightening her skin? What about the Black actors like Cash Warren who are passing? Where is you contempt? It seems you’ve left out your true motivation. It would make a better story if you owned up to it.

    Good photo of the hands up, though! It definitely hits home but doesn’t really match up to the topic.

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