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To Find “Missing” Black Men- End Mass Incarceration

Good morning faithful readers. I have seen the New York Times article like many of you. Upon reading it, it makes me realize that the only solution to this serious problem is to end mass incarceration.

Not, pulling our pants up, or “acting right “but a full scale movement towards prison reform, divesting in private prisons, and a program to reintroduce the formerly incarcerated back into life on the outside, and the job market.

In counterposition to the state of lament this news puts many of us in, an attitude of determination should supplant it. Any candidate asking for your vote should be pressed about this concern. Otherwise, their candidacy is highly questionable.

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  1. My question is what is going on with those who are investing in private prisons instead of investing in ways to help those who are on the wrong path? What is going on in the hearts of men who make the laws and who harshly judge these men based on the color of their skin. I wonder what is going on in the hearts of all those who run the criminal justice system and sit by and watch the injustices and chop it all up to be that these men are just all bad. Who gave them the right to judge? Yes, punish those who have done wrong, but what is so wrong with asking a man filled with anger or on the wrong path, what’s wrong? Asking what is the story before the story is where we can begin, but that is too much work and too much like right. As bad as I want to judge those who judge so harshly, I have to ask myself, I wonder what is their story? It would be a crime, if I didn’t ask.

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