Everything To Learn, Nothing To Teach Coming This Spring!

Everything To Learn book cover
Everything To Learn book cover

Good evening loyal readers. I have news to share with you all. I have been working on a project for a while, and as you can see above, it’s another book! After having another late and productive day in the lab (meaning the library) I come home and decide to let you all know what’s coming soon.

Some of my regular readers have noticed a slowing up of my blog posts. I think its obvious that I have added more guest posts and features by other bloggers as well. I have done the latter to lend my platform to other voices out there that deserve to be heard. But I also have done it so this site wouldn’t have tumbleweeds rolling through it while I worked on other projects behind the scenes. I’m looking out for y’all!

It was either write blogs regularly, or wrap up this book. As you see, I chose the latter. As for my lack of appearances at certain places here and there, this is also the reason. I’m not out here ducking invites just for spite. My name ain’t that big.. yet. (Just kidding)

As you can surmise from the ironic title, this will be different from my first book- which was poetry. This book will be a compilation of essays on different topics. Social commentary, politics, and some personal recollections as well. It’s time to look past the blog pundit, and get into the personal. Why not? I saw that it worked for the first book. There is more to life than politics. I also want to say thanks to everybody that bought “Poetic Ruminations” You all had a hand in bringing this book into existence too.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that this book is coming in the Spring. I have no intention of launching a book in the Winter, cause this isn’t my favorite season. Besides, I know some of y’all like me, but not enough to be trudging through dirty snow to hear my reading. Just being honest with it. ┬áBe on the lookout for it. I may even come to your town to promote it, if things go according to plan.

Peace, till next blog post!

-Marc W. Polite


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