A Pattern Emerging & Solution Submitted

wpid-wp-1417250970617.jpegEditor’s Note: As we all struggle with our emotions in the aftermath of the decision not to indict Eric Garner’s murderer, some of us turn to the arts to express layers of sentiments. I bring to you tonight a piece from Kenneth A.  a Georgia based poet. May these words resonate with you all. -M.P.

A Pattern Emerging & Solution Submitted

 by Kenneth A. 

There’s a pattern becoming clear, one that many choose to deny. The utter disregard for Black life is clearly on the rise. They deny that race was ever a factor. They claim that his Blackness in this case never truly mattered. They were just doing their jobs, part of the line of duty. Six against one, all because he was supposedly selling a loosie. They say cigarettes kill, well that cop just committed murder. Autopsy confirmed the homicide, taking matters even further. Choke hold from behind, slammed to the pavement. Unauthorized Maneuver, Lethal Engagement. Face first to the ground, gasping for air. Surrounded by cops that clearly didn’t care. Repeatedly pleading the fact that he wasn’t able to breathe. Chest to the Ground, his back aggressively pressed with their knees. Basically, they found a target and they proceeded to attack. Like uncivilized animals found in prides or packs. Any traces of humanity, these beings sorely lacked. But we’re all suppose to believe it had nothing to do with the fact that he was Black. They disregarded his life, deemed it to be worthless. They attacked with intention. Their actions were merciless. Videotape was clear, Autopsy confirmed. Please explain what still needed to be learned. What new evidence exactly did we need to discern. Negligent Homicide at the very least, even without taking into account what they may have intended. They claim justification for their actions because they say he resisted. The fact remains Eric Garner’s death should and could have been prevented.

Nevertheless, the Grand Jury brought forth their conclusion. One that was clearly steered by that of the Prosecution. These clear conflicts of interest need to seriously be adjusted. Because this aspect of our legal system has seriously become corrupted. We need an unbiased authority to hold all cops accountable. It’s not far-fetched, nor insurmountable. If a crime is committed, the punishment should be just. Disconnected from local Prosecution is definitely a must. There’s a lack of credibility, furthermore a lack of trust. The probability of them searching for the truth, is as minuscule as dust. Fact is, Cops shouldn’t be above reproach, or beyond legal reach. They should obey the laws they enforce & practice what they preach. They need to be less prone to violence, and more dedicated to promoting peace. So families don’t fear for their husbands & sons walking down the street. They should be active in the communities they serve, more than just badges that speak. A positive symbol that can be trusted. That’s what we expect from the police. Accountability is indeed important across the board. But these senseless deaths by our “Protectors”, are ones that we can ill afford. We need to work to make our communities better. Rather than being at odds, my suggestion is that we truly begin to work together.

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