Is The Miriam Carey Shooting Still Justifiable?

Back in October, when Miriam Carey died at the hand of  D.C. police, some said that it was justified. Many cited the hyper vigilance that comes with any goings on in that part of the city, coupled with the tense environment of the government shutdown. Now, six months later info has come to light about the details of Carey’s death that force another look into this matter.

According to the lawyer for the Carey family, the autopsy revealed that Miriam was shot five times from behind. This revelation, while horrible, has not seemed to cause much of a reaction when the news came out last week. The mainstream media seemed more concerned with rehashing old information and reporting it as if it was groundbreaking. Given all of the discussion around police violence, the muffled reaction around this is very unsettling. Does this mean that people have accepted what happened, and the new information does not change that?

I direct this to my readers. If you felt this particular incident was unfortunate, but that protocol was followed, do these new details change your mind?

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  1. Well obviously Black people are dangerous in a car, out of a car, in a red hood, on television, in a college, everywhere. Add to the fact that this Black person was on medication and prone to violence, then we understand that she should be denied due process. (This is all meant to be sarcastic of course. The media spins stories of a loon so that the average joe and jane can say this will not happen to them. When in actuality history can be changed in a minute and there are always people who can say, postmortem, that a person was violent, antisocial, neglectful of children, insane, etc.)

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