Dr. Joy Degruy Presents At Sister’s Uptown As Part of NYC Book Tour

Dr. Joy Degruy (left) gives presentation at Sister's Uptown Bookstore
Dr. Joy Degruy (left) gives presentation at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore

Dr. Joy Degruy is on tour in New York City. For those who may not know, she is a professor at Portland State University and the author of Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome. The book is about the effects of slavery on African-Americans that persist today, taking into account the impact of trauma across generations. Yesterday at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center in Harlem, New York, Dr. Degruy gave a masterful presentation to a packed house. Bolstered by the recent discoveries in epigenetics, Dr. Degruy spoke of the necessity of doing the work to heal ourselves.

Dr. Degruy is resolved to continue the needed work of healing. A follow up to the first book is in the works. The title will be: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Volume 2: Be The Healing This forthcoming book will deal with solutions to the trauma. This book tour began Wednesday night at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, and will continue Saturday. For those who missed her yesterday at Sister’s Uptown, you have two more opportunities. Dr. Degruy will be at the African Burial Ground on Saturday morning at 11am, and at the House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn at 2pm the same day.


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