Reflections on Relevance and Reality

Evening folks. This post has no set topic, and it is more of an expository than anything else. I decided to take a moment of respite from posting on the latest internet outrage to address matters that are closer to home. As you all are aware, the holidays are upon us. I’ll just say holidays, because I don’t want to leave out those that choose not to partake, whether it be for religious or ethical reasons. What I will say is that the end of November and as we approach the last month of the year is often a time where people think of gratitude, and reflect on things. I know that I have found myself quietly reflecting on 2013 and everything that occurred in it. In December, we are sure to start seeing “The Best Of 2013” lists spring up on all websites, blogs, and Facebook feeds. But these statements, no matter how complete they are only show where we have been, not where things are going.

Of course, following that reflection, comes an idea of what comes next. I can’t help but think that from what I see, many are grappling with what this means. We live in a very results driven and oriented society. After catching up on some reading, I decided to use this post to ask, what does it mean to be “relevant?” Does it mean to just talk about things just for clicks, when there is no substance behind what is being discussed? Not to get all existential, but how can one measure relevance? Isn’t the point of showing that writers matter by redirecting the conversation? Some may ask why in particular I may not address this or that issue. Sometimes, it’s because I may not have time to do so. Others, I don’t think that its important enough to regurgitate in this space. I figure that if the readers of this blog want to read about certain types of things, they will go where that material is. Why be an echo in this online forest? I’m just saying. There are things here that I post that won’t matter to mainstream media. That’s why it’s called mainstream.

In all this, I am saying this to say that reflection is important. While we are talking about the last year, I would be remiss if I did not point out that today is the one year anniversary of the passing of  fellow blogger Sha Speaks (Connie Williams) It’s important to me, that I recall the memories of those who were close to me. And since that time of year is yet upon us, it is something that I need to do for a number of reasons. It’s only right.

Well, I have made y’all thumb scroll the screen for long enough. I hope you all enjoy your time with family and the epic plates that will be served in the next few days. Peace.


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