What Will Bill de Blasio Do With His Mandate?

Bill de Blasio
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Mayor Elect Bill de Blasio successfully campaigned on a progressive platform, crushing Joe Lhota’s aspirations. When all the votes were tallied, the mayor elect received an overwhelming 73 percent. The Republican contender received 24 percent of the vote. This means that de Blasio has a clear mandate, and the voters that endorsed him will have expectations of his administration that they did not have of Mayor Bloomberg. With so many constituencies that have gone ignored for the past twelve years, the jubilation on the part of many New York voters is completely understandable.


Some say that it is too early to start asking about the policies of an incoming mayoral administration, and what they will mean to city residents. However, given how much power politicians and the decisions they make have over the lives of people, this writer believes that it is precisely the right time to ask questions. When one campaigns on a populist note, it should not be surprising that the electorate will have expectations of that individual should they succeed in taking office. This goes for any elected official, be it local, or national.


Many constituencies will make themselves seen and heard during De Blasio’s administration. New York City has been governed as a business for the past twelve years.  Massive construction projects for sports stadiums have been green lighted, while schools, hospitals, and firehouses have closed. Many people are hoping that electing a new mayor will do something to halt this trend, and eventually reverse it. The unions have their expectations, as do advocates of affordable housing and those who stand against the abuse of police power. There is already talk of Randi Weingarten as the new schools chancellor floating around. This may be a signal of what to expect.


The big question now on the table is if the de Blasio administration’s policies will mean a break with the Bloomberg years. Given that so much has changed within the city in terms of economic make up and quality of life, it’s fair to ask what will happen for all involved.  What do you think? Will de Blasio be able to make good on his campaign promises? Feel free to participate in the poll below this article.


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