Supporters of Morales-Shakur Community Center Hold Spirited Protest At City College

Earlier today,  a protest around the suddenly shut Morales/Shakur Community Center caught the attention of the Harlem community. Students, professors, and community activists banded together to voice their opinion on the happenings of the past few days. As many are aware, the weekend closure of the space has been a cause of contention ever since this past weekend.

Polite On Society reached out to Rakim Jenkins for his assessment on today’s occurrence, and in addition a viewpoint on what is at stake with the controversial Center. Rakim is the former president of the Black Student Union and one of the student leaders present at today’s protest. “This is just the begining we will not rest until we reclaim the Morales Shakur Community and Student Center”, said Jenkins via e-mail.

Going into some of the history of the Center, Jenkins talks about what it represents to the community. “The Center represents the only liberated space in CUNY- it was won thru struggle and will be won thru struggle again. The Center is sacred ground and we will not rest until it is returned to its rightful owners the students and Community”

In the crowd, an observer could see a number  of participants. From representatives of the New Black Panther Party to anarchists, it became apparent that the Harlem community sees a stake in the continuance of the Morales-Shakur Center. As the protestors marched across campus, they could be heard chanting “No Center, No Peace”  It appears that after today’s protracted protest, that this issue will not be brushed aside so easily.



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