Friday’s Quick Hits- Oct 11th, 2013

Good morning folks! It’s Friday, and some things happened recently that I just wanted to touch on right quick and chit chat about. Not a full post, cause a brotha is on light duty. Let’s talk about:

1. Last night’s Scandal episode- ¬†Yes, I watch Scandal. (Stop looking at me like that!) Anyway, Rowan/Eli Pope is like my favorite character on the show right now. How conniving can one man be? Between last night’s episode and the season opener, the lines were just spilled. No one can read you like a parent can. Dang.

2. Man, how useful is that article on eating healthy on a cheap budget by Stic-Man of Dead Prez? I always liked DP, they keep it practical with their advice, and down to earth too. I went so far as to print out the article. Now, if I can only kick my errant snacking habits, then I’d be on my way. The food struggle continues.

3. These “football numbers” that Kwame Kilpatrick got- Don’t get me wrong.. I am not condoning what he did.. but 28 years? Cot-dayum! That’s crazy. Is this about making an example of him, and put on him everything that happened to make Detroit what it is today? I have questions. Hopefully, some folks reading this have answers.

And.. thats it. The government is still shut down, so there is not much to talk about there. What got you going this week? What was of note to you? Talk with me.

P.S.- You still have today and tomorrow to vote for Polite On Society for Best Political or News Blog. You may do so here. You already know I wasn’t about to let a chance to campaign slip. Y’all know me better than that.


  1. Scandal fan here. Rowan/SenatorWhitley is a beast!

    One of my biggest concerns this week (as always) is food safety, and the salmonella outbreak, which seems to be directly related to the shutdown. I’m guessing some of the Repubs don’t care, cause that also gets filed under “government meddling in private companies’ affairs,” so in the meantime, I’m going back to vegan.

  2. Another Scandal fan. Yessss!!!! LOL at Senator Whitley! Don’t forget Dr. Miles Dyson from Terminator 2! But seriously.. that salmonella outbreak is crazy. I don’t know if you noticed Zenzi, but chicken prices went up since the shutdown too. They got the nerve to charge us more for this poisonous food. *Eats chicken salad* #foodstruggle Dang, I wish i could go vegan, but its hard. Enough of my troubles, but thanks for your comment though.

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