Miriam Carey: An Unfortunate End

Everyone has heard about the shooting last week in Washington D.C. of 34 year old Miriam Carey. Details emerged on Thursday afternoon about a woman who crashed her car into a barricade near the White House. Originally, when it was reported, the impression was of a woman who for whatever reason  started shooting near the Capitol. Come to find out, that was substituted for a narrative about police taking down a dangerous individual using a car as a weapon. It turns out that Miriam was not armed, but the police still responded with deadly force.

On the face of it, this incident should be open and shut. But for some reason, its not. Questions are being raised by the public and the family as well. Also, there is the fact of the matter of the baby that was in the car. See this link here for an account that says the child was removed from the car before  deadly force was used against Carey. I am uneasy with the narrative that this was necessary. The applause of Congress does not sit well with me either. Were they aware at the time that she was unarmed? In addition to that, I feel like the media narrative of raising the issue of her psychological problems is part of an after the fact justification for how things turned out.

I can’t call this one. The muted response could be due to numerous factors. Maybe, given that so many incidents of unarmed people shot by police have occurred, that we are all out of outrage.  The environment in D.C. has been tense, and the issue of the shutdown is prevalent in people’s minds. The proximity to the White House is another factor as well. Security in that area is hyper vigilant. It is just unfortunate that it ended this way. This is not really an article, just more along the lines of some thoughts I have on the matter. Thanks for reading.


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