Reparations Movement Goes International

Over a year ago, on this site I asked the question what happened to the Reparations Movement. I raised it, because now in the Age of Obama, it seems to be a non issue. Now, what we are beginning to see is the reparations movement take on an international character. I have been following the articles out there about nations of the Caribbean making several statements about the issue. Recently, lawsuits around the issue of reparations have come to the forefront, with 14 Caribbean countries participating. This is a development that is needed, and am glad that this overarching concern is being taken up in an international context.

The face of the reparations movement has been primarily African-American. So much to the point, that it is framed as an African-American demand. This is not necessarily the case, since slavery affected numerous places in the New World, not just the United States. While much of Black America is still in the throes of Obama delusion, it is good that our Caribbean brothers and sisters have reignited the conversation of reparations.  Hopefully, this discussion will continue, and progressive minded Black American organizations will begin to link up with these efforts.




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  1. As you might have saw on the Afrikan Echoes page on FB, I asked this same question before posting the article about the African’s in the Caribbean taking up the fight for reparations. It is a question that should be asked and we need to give this issue some more attention, or at least a quarter of the attention before, as you stated, our disillusionment with President Obama and his Administration reign in on our thoughts.

    Thanx for addressing this family…

  2. I agree Ali. This is an issue that needs to be re-raised, despite the fact that it isn’t the “hot” question it once was. Thank you for commenting.

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