Game Over: The End of the Blackberry Playbook

As I am certain that many who pay attention to the tech world have heard, Blackberry has been sold. The struggling giant has been sold, and has lost so much market share in the smartphone wars. In addition to this news, it goes without saying that the next eventual casualty of Blackberry being sold is the end of support for its tablet. The Blackberry Playbook, which debuted in 2011, never managed to reach critical mass in the tablet market. While it is definitely a good device, it did not catch the attention that the Kindle Fire or the mighty iPad did. In this writer’s opinion, the Blackberry Playbook is the Sega Dreamcast of the tablet world.

The very pictures and video that you see on this site come from the Playbook. The device has a great program, Docs To Go- that is extremely useful for my writing purposes. Feel free to read the review I wrote on it. However, it is time to face facts. Once it was announced that BB10 would not be coming to the Playbook, its only a matter of time before the product is phased out. Now that the company is sold, unless there is a plan underway that is not being circulated, I can totally see this device being ditched. Me being the forward thinking person I am, I’d rather not wait until it totally dies on me to start looking for a new tablet. These blogs have to keep going up, ya know. I won’t sell my PB though. I will just ride with it till the wheels fall off, just like the aforementioned Dreamcast. Oh, the perils of being a loyalist. I can already hear the Nelson laughs from some of my tech savvy friends when this post goes up. Such is life.

Marc W. Polite

In the market for a new tablet



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  1. I’ll refrain from laughing, but I saw this coming a long time ago. Seriously, when businesses are handing out iPhones to their execs instead of Blackberries, you know the device is on its way out.

  2. Thank you for sparing my feelings Zenzi. I miss my Playbook already. Yeah, it was only a matter of time, but I was hoping against hope.

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