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Good evening folks. So much is going on today, and that’s scary for a Monday. I don’t want to comment just yet on this D.C. massacre, but this is sure to be the talk of the week. This is terrible, and I don’t want to speculate about anything right now. To deliberately switch the subject, I wanted to get into why you should vote for this site. Yes, the campaign has begun, and you can participate by going here:  https://blackweblogawards.wufoo.com/forms/z7x1m7/

You see, unlike the political world, blogging is about what you are doing. Not what you will do. For you to endorse me is to support what I am already doing and say you want more of it. There are some things that if you vote for me, that you won’t have to worry about occuring. There is no danger of you voting for this site, and me turning around to launch Bill Cosby/Don Lemon type lectures at you for your troubles. I wont be calling 35 million of us “No-groes” and insulting the intelligence of the Black community when its painfully obvious that my rants are for media attention and I have nary a solution. #multipleshotsfired

Neither will I get to the finals, and start turning into a Syria pro war shill. I know, I know, that Raytheon cash flow is tempting, but I shall resist. Besides, we need that money to help fix these  bridges in this country that desperately need repair. I’m just saying. If I sell out, I would never be able to type a sentence like that. Where else can you go to count on stuff like that?

Rather than tell you what I will do in the future.. lets just say more stuff is in the works. More recognition would help speed up some of these projects that are going on in the background. I have to keep a lid on it for the time being. Even though the NSA already probably knows, but hey, no point in showing all my cards so early. Let’s keep a good thing going, cause I don’t want to have to concede. #SorryBill

But in all seriousness people, I enjoy writing for an audience, whether it be here or some of my other spaces in which you check for me. While, yes, I do often have a lot of fun with this, there is a serious need out here for people to be informed. I am glad that I can be in on that process. I hope you will continue to watch this site, and I need your support to move forward. Peace!

-Marc W. Polite

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