Aftermath of Zimmerman Verdict Tells Much About American Race Relations

Good evening folks. Marc again. Not quite done pointing out the fallout from the Zimmerman trial. Despite what some feel is excessive, its necessary to keep a laser like focus on a matter that will dissipate no time soon. Let us point out some obvious things.

1. No coast to coast race riots ensued. If you look at many of the comments in my Time Magazine article on the aftermath of Zimmerman, there were fears stoked of major race riots should Zimmerman be acquitted. Here we are, it is Monday night, and America’s major cities are not in flames. Aside from Oakland, the vast majority of anti-verdict protests were peaceful. Lets talk about the assault of Lester Chambers for the oh so terrible offense of dedicating a song to Trayvon Martin. Don’t all answer at once, Zimmerman supporters.

2. The notion that this trial was not about race keeps popping up. Needless to say, that is baloney. If you think its about self defense, and that it would have gone relatively the same if a Black person defended themselves, I need you to read this.

3. Concern trolling about Black on Black violence. For those Black and white conservatives who raise the issue and say that we should be just as outraged as we are with the Martin case. This is just a way of diverting attention and changing the subject. Does anyone truly believe that the likes of Newt Gingrich cares about what happens to Black youth in Chicago? I have written about this before, so feel free to check what I said in the past about this sort of thing.

As things progress, we will continue to see schisms in how people view the outcome of this case. It seems like no matter how genteel a Black person can be, they are still regarded as a threat. Lessons are being taught to a new generation of African Americans. Like it or not, this case is seared into the minds of millions of people. To expect anyone to “move on” is foolish. The problems of race in this country are too deep rooted to kid ourselves about. That is all I will say… for tonight. Peace.

-Marc W. Polite

Not letting up.

P.S. – I am still waiting for the riots. I need to snatch a 500 dollar gift card from Best Buy. Gotta get that new Xbox! *Sarcasm*

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  1. That last paragraph speaks volumes – folks are under the misguided notion that if only we “behaved better,” these things wouldn’t happen to us, as though it’s all our fault we get targeted by racists. Yet another tatic to keep us quiet; unfortunately, it’s working on too many people.

    As for folks feeling that our continued focus on this case is excessive, well, no one forced you to listen, or to read. Take that nonsense somewhere else.

    Keep up the fight, Marc!

  2. Thanks Zenzi! I definitely concur with you. All the good behavior in the world is not gonna stop this kind of thing from happening to us because of hatred in someone else’s heart.

  3. I never said it would have all been the same if Zimmerman was black…a black/brown person wouldn’t have made the news and would have pleaded out and gone to jail even if innocent…no trial. Zimmerman got a top notch lawyer to donate his time and donations from gun rights people and groups.

    Now that lawyer is gonna make bank because of all that press and the great job he did. That’s his compensation.

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