Zimmerman Trial Commentary

Good morning everyone. I have written another piece over at Time Magazine. This go around, it is about the fear of race riots in the event of a Zimmerman acquittal. Preparing for Riots After Zimmerman Verdict is Racial Fear Mongering  Feel free to comment on it.



  1. Marc,

    You are a hack. An apologist. You look at the world, and black culture in america, with rose-tinted glasses.
    You sir, are a coward. You are afraid of the truth, so you get on your soapbox and MAKE your own “truth”. The truth is, a hoodlum beat on an honest man, until that man feared for his life and ended the threat.

    How many people need to flood twitter and facebook with threats of violence (should the verdict be the w”wrong” one) before it is a genuine threat that needs to be addressed?

    How many Katrina aftermaths need to happen?
    How many flash mobs?
    How many “youths” need to jump, beat and rob innocence people?
    How many Autumn Pasquales?
    How many Channon Christians?
    Where were the riots for Antonio Santiago?

    You are disgusting.

  2. A well thought out response to a rant? I don’t deem it necessary. “Truth” is all in his feelings. Not much to address there in terms of facts.

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