Marc Polite Wins Joe Mann Black Capital Award

“One of the few from Uptown that’s holding it down” – Big L

Good evening folks! Today has been an eventful day. As some of you may have seen from my Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed, I was honored by and recognized via the Joe Mann Black Capital Award. Today, as a part of a networking and business luncheon, I was in the company of a great number of accomplished Black business men and women. It was an honor to be recognized, and I was humbled to be considered in the same light as so many Black entrepreneurs and journalists. Given the increasingly dire circumstances that Black America is enduring, its important that we continue to raise our voices- even in the face of the many who want us to remain silent.

In that vain, I also wish to share with you some good news. Yes, many of you already know about my article in Time magazine today. But did you also know that according to the Atlantic Wire it was one of the five best columns this Thursday? Now you do. Ha. This was pretty major. To pull off something like this in a 24 hour period is, something else. Now this means that I have awards for three straight years. 2011, 2012, and 2013. I feel great about that. Aside from the hate e-mail and names I have been called for speaking out on the Zimmerman trial, today was a pretty good day.  You gotta roll with the punches.

Shoutout to all the folks I networked with today, and lets stay in contact. Peace.


-Marc W. Polite

Blog Award 3peater

Edit: Here is some video from the event with me running my mouth lol.



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