Is Edward Snowden A Real Life Logan Cale?

Life Imitates Art?
Life Imitates Art?

Science Fiction often forewarns us. For your amusement/enlightenment, here is a side by side of Dark Angel’s Logan Cale and NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. For those that may not be hardcore sci fi geeks, Dark Angel was a short-lived sci fi show on Fox about a near future with genetically enhanced humans and a surveillance state. We may not have any super soldiers (to our public knowledge) but we definitely have a surveillance state.

What have things come to?


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  1. While Snowden looks somewhat similar to Cale, that’s where the similarities end.

    From Wikipedia,
    “Logan Cale is a cyber-journalist who uses his knowledge of computer technology to bring down the corrupt power brokers of the new millennium. Heir to a family fortune, Logan hacks into television cable networks and delivers his scathing video messages under the pseudonym and alter ego Eyes Only.”

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