Bill Cosby’s Latest Comments

Good morning readers of Polite On Society. A few of you who may read my Facebook wall and Twitter timeline have heard me mention that I intended to talk about Bill Cosby’s latest comments. Well, here they are. I decided to pitch the idea to Time Magazine, and they published it. Here is the link: Bill Cosby’s Tough Love is Counter Productive

As always, feel free to let me know what you think. Peace!




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  1. The Buzz is Buzzing for you Marc.

    Well written article Marc Polite, but I strongly disagree with there being “outside forces”, it’s the inside forces that ultimately hold back individuals from succeeding. I’ve lived long enough to see changes in society as a whole, some people remain stagnant for the lack of trying or ambition, while others succeed by hard work and not taking no for an answer. Bill Cosby as a roll model uses his fame to reach out to those he may inspire. Bill Cosby is a man of strong moral character, but still he is a only a man, show the man some respect.

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  2. Glenn Berman: Mr. Polite was very respectful to Mr. Cosby. More respectful than Mr. Cosby has ever been to the Black community. One can disagree with someone AND be respectful in doing so. Also, you may not have experienced any outside forces creating obstacles or witnessed same. However. you are not the whole of society AND while society would have us all be the same, society is made up of individuals who live lives completely outside of your experiences. I can’t imagine while you were “[living] long enough to see changes in society…” that you met every single human being on the planet who is struggling to survive, let alone live. So, how could you make sweeping statements like that? While I have never been one to blame society or play the race card when things don’t “go my way”, I am not arrogant enough to think that my way is the only way to live. Have some compassion for your fellow man and show humanity some respect.

  3. Mr. adauphin04, the saying “show the man some respect” is not with a “!” it’s just a saying, don’t read into it more than it is. Marc can take me to the mat and needs no assist from you. I see Bill Cosby as a man, not as a black man, this because of the content of his character. I agree there are obstacles in life that get in the way at times, but it’s how these obstacles are over come that make the man or woman. Not sure what the rest of your rant is about.

  4. Marc,

    Bill is talking about type 2 diabetes, not juvenile diabetes (type 1 diabetes).

    Sadly, you didn’t take the time to do your research on the important differences between the two.

  5. Good evening Rebecca. Did you read the original article?

    “No. 2: Diabetes. Children are not being taken out of harm’s way. And there are many things that we also can do, but one is you don’t want your child consuming too much sugar. That is what the mayor tried to do with the sugar in the soft drinks.”

  6. Thanks Glenn. Here is the thing: I disagree with you about outside forces. Whether we like them or not, they are there, and to ignore them

  7. @MarcThe outside forces that be can be overcome, “We Shall Overcome Some Day” as the song goes.
    Generally speaking everyone deals with some sort of adversity in their life, there are those that take a stand and those that wait for a messiah to solve all their troubles. G-D has granted us with the knowledge of good and evil and the freedom too choose.

    By the way Marc, I thought your next piece Medgar Wiley Evers (July 2, 1925 – June 12, 1963) the civil right leader.Just a thought.


  8. Good afternoon Glenn. I believe the outside forces can be overcome, but that tends to happen when individuals form collectives and band together to make that happen. It is not as simple as “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and worry about yourself. That is a great suggestion, and I will take it into consideration. Thank you for your comment.

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