What I Am Looking Forward to in June

Good morning everyone! The new month began yesterday, and I feel like writing a little bit about all that is going on this month. Yesterday I was out and about in Harlem and got the chance to stop through at the Harlem Healthy Soul Festival. I also stopped through at the Hip Hop Peace Parade and Rally in front of the State Office building. I felt like yesterday was the kick off to a lot of the summer events that will occur in Harlem.

As far as entertainment, I am looking forward to this new movie “Purge” The trailer is pretty sick, and I need a film to get the bad taste of After Earth out of my mouth. #shotsfired. We also have the new Kanye West album on the 18th. Although, I have a feeling it wont top My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I will be checking for it. Kanye stan, reporting for duty! LOL.

On a personal note, I will be looking forward to Father’s Day. I will diligently avoid social media because of the #FathersDayShade on that day. Folks be going hard, and I can do without all that. #Justsayin

My conscious streak has me looking forward to Juneteenth, and all of the events that are sure to surround this day in Black history.

Professionally, I am looking forward to Blogging While Brown. For those who may not know, it is a conference for Bloggers of color, and will be held at the Schomburg on June 21st-22nd.  BWB was even nice enough to do an Attendee Spotlight on me earlier in the year. Its great to know that there are other bloggers out there who take their craft seriously, and I look forward to meeting them at this conference later this month.

These things, along with some other things that I can’t announce at this time, are reasons I am happy that June is finally here. Come on now, I can’t let all the cats out of the bag, now can I? *Smile*

What are you looking forward to, good people? Peace!

-Marc W. Polite








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  1. WOW, is After Earth really that bad? I was thinking of seeing it, but most reviews have been bad. I’m looking forward to the Blogging While Brown conference too. It’ll be my first time attending.

  2. Good afternoon Lashuntrice. Yes, After Earth was pretty bad. I normally dig Will Smith films. I liked I Am Legend, and even I-Robot. But this one? Nah.

    As for your attendance at the conference, cool! It will be my first time attending as well.

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