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A still shot from Tyler Perry's "Temptation" image source:
A still shot from Tyler Perry’s “Temptation” Image Source:

Infidelity is a recurring plot point of the moment for popular shows and films. ABC”s Scandal depicts it, and weaves it in with political intrigue for a solid formula that keeps the fans clamoring for more. Tyler Perry’s latest film Temptation: Confession of A Marriage Counselor deals with it, and weaves a story around a young married couple. Jurnee Smolett-Bell plays Judith, who finds herself caught up with an exciting new man who appears to be everything she is missing at home. Brice, played by Lance Gross is the well meaning but neglectful husband that soon finds himself competing with Harley (Robbie Jones) for Judith’s heart.

Feeling unappreciated and wanting more out of life and her career, Judith goes through conflicting emotions. Experiencing another side of life with the well to do Harley throws her for a loop, and is a sharp contrast to the life she has built with her safe and predictable husband Brice. Gradually, Judith gives in to her feelings. From there, things become complicated for everybody involved.

Perry has created a film that is a cautionary tale. Temptation shows the dangers in chasing excitement, and confusing lust for love. With a solid moral message, Perry gives us a story of how not being grateful with who you are committed to can have dire consequences. This film is good, and is not as over the top as Why Did I Get Married Part 2. While of course, you have the drama that one comes to expect in a film about relationships, its not overdone. As Perry branches out, and does more than the Madea films, its good to note when he does well. Otherwise, it will just seem like a never ending stream of hate, no matter what he does.

-Marc W. Polite




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