On Supporting What You Wish To See

Good evening folks. Its mid week, and the news cycle has chewed the flavor out of all its current hot topics. Tonight, instead of rehashing much of that stuff, I would much rather talk about supporting what we do want to see. When we are talking about media forms, be it books, blogs, movies, or music, there are often complaints about what is available. While it is true that much of our current mainstream media falls terribly short in delving into the topics we want to see, the shift has to be made to support what will give us the content we all want.

A good current example are independent films. One documentary in the works right now is a film called “Living Legendz” This film is about profiling the work of three people in the community. Retired CCNY professor Leonard Jeffries, former Black panther Jamal Joseph, and Last Poet Abiodun Oyewole are the interviewees. Filmmaker Nicholle LaVann is directing this upcoming documentary, and is raising funds to see it through to completion. You can find out more about the project at the IndieGogo page. To see the trailer, click below. If you can spread the word, or even assist in the fundraising, it would be of great help. We have to start supporting the things we wish to see, and provide alternatives to what will be marketed to us.

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