New York State Judge Blocks Bloomberg Soda Ban

Soda consumers can now sip in peace. Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary drinks was struck down by a state judge today. What some saw as a decree from a “nanny” mayor was soundly defeated.  Of course,the consortium of soda companies welcomed this news. However, there are some questions that must be raised from the progressive vantage point. While it is a truism that one can not legislate good health any more than you can morality, who is the real winner in this?

The still emerging “Food Justice” movement finds itself at odds with some of these same companies. Their concern is the bottom line, not health. Is it consistent to side with these companies from a progressive standpoint in “defending” our right to drink as much soda when we want, and at the same time have to fight them over the labeling of genetically modified foods? Isn’t that a little inconsistent? Are our rights being defended, or the soda industry and its profit margins?

With health concerns being a major concern in New York City, would this ban would have been such a bad thing? As a person who is trying to change their eating habits, I was not opposed to the ban. At least it has gotten people to think on what they drink, if even for a moment. The creative adds about pouring on the pounds are eye opening. But so many New Yorkers believe that Mayor Bloomberg has overreached this time. Well, no matter what people think its clear that tomorrow, you can reach for any size soda you like.

Marc W. Polite



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