Are the Knicks Having A Mid-Season Collapse?

Yesterday’s loss to the Raptors have many Knicks fans wondering what the rest of the season will look like. Many detractors have predicted a mid-season collapse, and many doubts about how long the Knicks can keep up with the rest of the East. Of course, the average age of the players has to be a factor. Losing winnable games does not reinforce confidence in this squad and their ability to keep things moving.

Looking at how things are going, one has to pull back and be objective. If the Knicks continue playing inconsistently, not locking down the other teams in defense, their will not keep their standing. The over reliance on threes, while it looks great when these buckets are made, wont fly so well as the second half of the season comes in. In this two month dash to the playoffs, most competent teams will shut most of that down, and punish any missed shots with quick rebounds.

Also, while Carmelo Anthony is a great player, and one of the leading scorers in the league, it is painfully obvious that he needs a go to man as a second reliable scorer. Who will step up into that role at this point, is unclear. Unless they pull it together somehow, the Knicks will prove their critics right. At this rate, what are their chances in the post-season?

Marc W. Polite



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