5 Reasons Why I Despise Fake Nerds

Greetings everyone. This is the Day 2 post of the 31 Days to a Better Blog. This time, we are writing a list post. To keep things interesting, I decided to comment on what I see as this nerd poseur culture that I have seen rearing its head in that last few years. If you feel some type of way, then this blog post is probably about you. Anyway, lets get into it! Here are the 5 reasons I despise fake nerds:

  1.  No Real Nerds Have to Say Their Nerds– Like the old saying goes, if you have to say it about yourself, its probably not true. Part of being a nerd, means being a social outcast. No one wants that, not for real. Most of these self-professed nerds only started calling themselves that after it became the counter cultural thing to do. You don’t know the pain of having to hide an issue of Starlog in your school desk. You probably don’t even know what that is, you fronter.
  2. Nerd culture Has Been Watered Down– What used to be nerdy, is now mainstream. Staples of nerditude, such as science fiction and video games have been watered down to appeal to a broader audience. Oh, so you like Star Trek and Star Wars huh? And? It means nothing. Can you tell me about some other staples of the genre that you are so in tune with? What about Babylon 5 or Sliders? Yeah, I thought so.
  3. You Wasn’t Nerding With Me in the Library– Being a nerd requires you to… umm.. actually know stuff. Which disqualifies most of you self appointed nerds out there. I will give it to some of y’all. You got the aura down, the style of dress, the lingo as well. But you gotta know stuff though. Ya gotta know HTML, baby! You must know which actor was in Star Trek TOG as well as Babylon 5(You get no hints on that one) You just gotta know stuff like this, or your nerd cred is shot.
  4. You Used To Pick On Nerds Your Damn Self– That’s the funny thing about cultural appropriation. I believe that some of the people who call themselves nerds now once picked on the real nerds in school. Now, with everyone seeing that its okay to know stuff, everyone wants to be down. Nah. It don’t work like that. Which leads me to the last point, and the most annoying.
  5. Fake Nerds Never Get Called Out– In any other lifestyle pursuit, the frauds get called out. Thugs call out fake thugs quite frequently, but there is no one there to “geek check” the ones who pretend to be about that nerd life. Which leads to the culture being watered down even more. But hey, its okay. Soon, anyone who has a smartphone and plays a game on it will be considered a nerd. I suppose we are all Pointdexter now. Right….#nerdshade

Marc W. Polite

Been Nerding Since 1986

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  1. I agree with you whole heartedly marc.many people claim to be of nerd origin without holding the true meaning of what it really is.They will put on the big non prescription glasses,funky clothes and claim to be nerd,But what they dont know is the intense ridicule and ostricism that comes with this moniker have they given themselves.You and i have been friends for about 21 years(since i was 14!),and know what it means to be a nerd in all facets of the word.So with that these “FERDS” need to go back and “re-examine” themselves and deal with the truth about who and what theyreally are.

  2. For real man! Its crazy. People want the trappings of nerdhood, but none of its downsides. Its just like people who want to live that thug life, but don’t want to suffer the negative consequences. There is good and bad in every lifestyle. I agree. These Ferds, as you so brilliantly call them, do need to fall back and find their own truth without imitating ours.

  3. This is too funny. I was just thinking about this the other day. I will not claim nerdhood but can relate to this article.

  4. “Nerd” has befallen the same fate as “literally”, in that it’s definition has done a 180, and has now come to mean the complete opposite.
    Every attractive soc know calls themselves a ‘nerd’. Why, because you’re really into Star Wars? Sorry, that’s cool. And you know it too.

    Yeah, it’s irritating. Was cute for a second, but it’s getting old. Calling oneself a nerd has become a form of false modesty.

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