The Moment of Truth is Near: Election Day Eve

Here we are. Tomorrow is the moment of truth. After much words exchanged, political ads and accusations the voters will choose the next president of the United States. President Obama and Mitt Romney have their core supporters, and areas of the country in which they have an advantage over the other. At the moment, the polls have the President with a slight advantage in many of the battleground states. Romney, as of this post is ahead in Florida. From one day to the next, they say different things. Many question if the polls were accurate due to what some see as undersampling. Now, we will find out what the case is.

Tomorrow, barring some upset with the vote count[cough] voter suppression[/cough] or electoral college, this race will be decided. Election fatigue has set in for many, and there is weariness on the issue. New York City and parts of New Jersey are struggling to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In this time of crisis and desperate need, rhetoric about small government is quite tone deaf. It remains to be seen whether this message will be accepted, and given a mandate on the national level. Whatever sentiments out there about the limitations of electoral politics, that is still no reason to ignore them.

After the political season ends, and the campaign emails stop, decisions will be made that affect millions of people for years to come. Let us see what choice this country makes for the future. This is the fourth election cycle that I have been able to participate in. The first time I placed a vote for president, the candidate did not win. (Gore) I could have let that discourage me, but I chose not to. Whatever happens tomorrow, at least I will be able to say I participated. I encourage everyone who can, to do so as well.

I hope you all reading this will be watching the results closely tomorrow. I know I will.

-Marc W. Polite

Editor, Polite on Society


  1. States to look out for…and are obvious, Florida, Virginia, Ohio. Romney won’t win Iowa, Wisconsin. Looking at the long lines in Florida.

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