Hurricane Sandy: Aftermath and Concerns

Greetings all. Hurricane Sandy came through the tri-state area and did some massive damage to the region.  Bloomberg in a press conference this morning, he said that 10 people lost their lives. Terrible. The thing that really concerns me about hurricanes like this is, they appear to get stronger as years go by. I remember people last year mocking Hurricane Irene as nothing too serious. Then this year, along comes Sandy to do much more. Will hurricanes get stronger due to global warming? Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo responded well, and did what needed to be done to prepare beforehand as much as possible in a predicament like this.

On a personal note, thanks to everyone who contacted me in the last 24 hours via, text, email, FB, tweet, and Skype message to ask if all was well in our neck of the woods. I appreciate it. We were prepared, but fortunately, we ended up not needing any of that stuff. Lets please remember that there are many out there who were not so fortunate.  There will be plenty of political points made about this event after the fact, so there is no need to jump into that at the moment. Take care of yourselves out there. Peace.

-Marc W. Polite


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