Colin Powell Endorses President Obama

Former Secretary of State and moderate Republican Colin Powell endorsed President Obama for re-election. In an interview with CBS this morning, Powell stated his reasoning for re-endorsing the President. Notably, he noted the ever-shifting views of Mitt Romney on important foreign policy issues. “My concern.. is that sometimes I don’t sense that he has thought through theses issues as thoroughly as he should have.”

This endorsement comes as a time where Mitt Romney is already dealing with the fallout of a flustered performance at the last debate. Not to mention the race baiting of people speaking on his behalf likeĀ  Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. Appearing to lose the moderates in his own party, Romney has the extreme right as his backers. How will this play with undecided voters, with just under two weeks until election day?


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  1. G-D bless General Colin Powell, I wish it was him running for president. I’m voting Mitt Romney because in the last four years the general state of affairs has worsened dramatically at home and abroad, our president seems to only be effective when he holds all the cards. The United States of America is ready for a “Change” and I’m looking “Forward” to it, because President Obama just isn’t “Optimal”.

  2. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump hold no weight in effecting my views as does Colin Powell, General Colin Powell’s opinion holds weight for me as he has earned my faith and trust, he served to protect and defend and did so with honor. There are two viable candidates, I can only select one, so my chances of getting it right are 50/50, Obama had four years, I’m not impressed, I’m voting for Mitt Romney and if in four years Mitt hasn’t turned things around I’ll vote him out as well. Regardless of Who wins the world will still turn,the grass will still grow, and the sun will still shine.

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