Blogger Perspective: Obama v. Romney, First Presidential Debate, 2012

Tonight’s debate left much to be desired for political observers. An unimpressive attempt by both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney to beguile the public into taking sides on similarly crafted political strategies such as taxes, health care spending, jobs, oil prices, education, COBRA plans, medicare and the likes.

The debate starts out with President Obama congratulating Mrs. Obama on their 20th wedding anniversary followed by Governor Romney agreeing with the previously stated.

The two candidates then get right into it. At periods throughout the debate both candidates appear to be at a war of words, crossing hairs about non-existent particulars, which at times none made a significant bit of sense. Neither candidate spoke to my concerns on increasing personal debt and low to moderate employment wages or the lack there of. As opposing sides drilled-on, the debate continued to become rather boring.

In summary, President Obama at times seemed a bit bamboozled by Governor Romney’s responses; however the President managed to keep his composure. Then again, President Obama seemed to be a bit on defense at times when facing his opponent. What I expected to see was a more fact-based discussion. Neither candidate really spoke to the people but instead to the business executives on “Wall Street” that got us into most of the mess we are now experiencing to a large degree, and somehow it seem if though they were both making an argument for the further proliferation. Attention and focus seem to get drowned out by opinions. In the next debate, President Obama and Governor Romney both need to stick to the facts and explain how their individual strategy will best suit Americans. To say the least, I wasn’t very convinced, neither candidate get’s my vote on this one. Hopefully things will ignite in upcoming debates.


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