Presidential Debates: What Will Surface, and What Wont?

With a little over 5 weeks until Election Day, the most anticipated set of events beforehand are the three presidential debates. The first of which, is next Wednesday, October 3rd. This is the moment that both presidential candidates will be in the same room, at the ready to match wits with one another.  It is sure to be an interesting night, as both candidates face off in a tradition that goes back to the 19th century with the Lincoln-Douglas debates. The press has already begun to pontificate on what each candidate has to do in order to best their opponent.

While we all expect barbs to be traded over the economy, there are issues that are unlikely to be raised. It would be nice if the moderator were to ask a question about where Romney stands on the issue of voter ID laws. The 47 percent remark is almost certain to come up, but poor /working people will likely be mentioned as a talking point with no policy to alleviate their issues. Even with an exclusive focus on domestic policy, the domestic problems of many Americans will be overlooked as the candidates verbally joust with one another. There is official politics, and there is the politics of the people outside of it. While it will be interesting to watch Mitt Romney deal with many of the things he has said in the past couple of weeks get thrown in his face by President Obama. Even though it may seem like a mismatch, but if Romney manages to hold his own, I can see conservative press deeming it a “win”.

Will you be watching the debate next week? What are your thoughts?

-Marc W. Polite

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  1. I have never been as fearful about an election in all the years since I became eligible to cast a ballot … and that’s been a while with incredible historic events. Will I watch? At this point, I’m really not sure, but I will most definitely vote.

  2. Voting is the most important thing in this case. There are sure to be numerous takes on what was and was not said at the debate. Thanks for your commentary Annie.

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