Labor Day 2012

Good morning all. I hope you are all enjoying this day off. Since it is an election year, you will read a great deal today about working people. However, it will only be in the context of what one politician or other wishes to sell you on their program. In this ongoing recession, “job creation” has become the new political football to kick around.

What you won’t hear is the reality that neither side is really for the kind of job creation that is truly needed. Both sides believe that the government cannot create jobs. If that is true, then what was the WPA? You also won’t hear about the need to defend the current decent jobs from privatization. As of last week, the Chicago Teachers Union moved towards standing up to mayor Rahm Emanuel. The important thing to note is that these kind of things always seem to be overlooked. Labor needs to be just as concerned about anti-union Democrats as it is Republicans.

Let us remember that workers rights are won, not given. If it was up to benevolent business owners and corporate “job creators” many of you would not have the day off.

Just some thoughts for this Labor Day. Enjoy the rest of it. Peace.

-Marc W. Polite

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