Todd Akin: Legitimately Out of Control

The Republicans are really trying their best to win women over. Missouri Representative Todd Akin made some terrible comments about “legitimate rape” in the context of his pro-life stance. While it has been often repeated elsewhere, Akin expressed some backwards views on what constitutes the circumstances for an abortion. Obviously, this would result in a furor.

The backlash has been so great, that even Mitt Romney has called for Akin to stop his campaign. Today, he refused. This illustrates how much the far right is out of control. If Republican party leaders can’t reign in their most extreme members, then what kind of discipline is that? The Republican party can accept the support of the unenlightened parts of their base, yet not check them when they spew their most asinine assertions. In a national context, it is a nuisance. But locally, where elected conservatives can legislate their biases it is downright scary.

What say you?

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  1. Mr. Akins far right provocative remarks are a clear indication that he lacks sagacity, and knowledge of basic human biology. It’s beyond my comprehension, how someone in his position can be so insensitive about the subject of rape, and trauma associated with sexual assault. I wonder, if he was raped would it be legitimate? Would his mind shut the whole thing down as if it never happend? Its scary knowing we have people like him representing the masses.

  2. I find it troubling that his apology was hollow, at best and he remains steadfast in his ignorance. I only hope that the Republican Party will cut ties to the extremists, but it seems they just keep popping out of the woodwork … kind of like cockroaches.

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