Shooting at Midnight Opening of Batman in Colorado; 12 Dead

This feels like Columbine all over again. There was a mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado at the midnight premier of The Dark Night Rises. At this moment, news sources are reporting that 12 people have been killed. James Holmes, a 24 year old masked man was the assailant, and reportedly set off tear gas before he started firing indiscriminately into a crowd of movie goers. This is tragic.

The murderer of random people has been apprehended alive. So far, no motive has been discovered. My condolences goes out to the families of those who have been killed or injured. Before the rush to condemn the film starts, lets stop and really think. The film itself had nothing to do with this pre planned act of this obviously deranged individual. He was dressed in all black, just like Harris and Klebold were when they carried out the Columbine massacre. Back then, The Matrix was blamed for supposedly inspiring the two. We are sure to hear calls to pull the film and condemn films with violence and call for censorship.

Will there need to be metal detectors at the movies from now on?


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